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We want to gather in one place all initiatives/ information related to the cultural and creative sectors in the EU in response to the COVID crisis

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MUŻE.X – Shaping Museum Futures | The Pre-Conference Webinar Events

Six international voices from the museum world, each of whom shall be sharing views and perspectives about museum futures in six pre-conference webinar events. The webinars shall hopefully contribute to the much-needed discussion about museums and their role in a post-COVID19 world.

Tools & Resources

Employment and Economic: Impact Assessment of Covid-19 on the Arts Sector in Ireland

This report has been updated in October 2020 taking into account the new governmental
guidelines around COVID-19 until the end of 2020 and making projections related to the
sanitary and economic crisis in 2021.


The AFAC – Netflix Hardship Fund | In Support of the Film and TV Community in Lebanon

The AFAC – Netflix Hardship Fund is an emergency relief fund that aims to support the film and TV community in Lebanon, primarily below-the-line crew, craftspeople, and freelancers who are facing economic hardship resulting from the disruption of normal life, halts in productions, and little to no opportunities in the industry.

Stories / Good practices


Kuvertura is a game between strangers who like to read and a way to support the small bookstores in the center of Athens, in the era of pandemic and social distancing.

Tools & Resources

Culture in Crisis: Policy guide for a resilient creative sector

This practical guide highlights emergency measures that have been deemed effective and beneficial, assesses emerging trends, identifies new and existing gaps and offers practical advice to help policymakers position the cultural and creative industries in social and economic recovery plans.

Tools & Resources

Doomsday or Rebirth: A Rebellious Take on European Film’s Future | FERA General Assembly 2020 Online Series Session #2

A freeform discussion painting a doomsday scenario and its possible positive alternative – a vision-driven future for European film with, at its core, European co-productions and their visibility.

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