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A map of solidarity for Ukraine

Creatives Unite created a map of initiatives across Europe dedicated to the support of Ukraine.

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, Europe organised actions in support of the Ukrainian artists and creatives. All countries in Europe gathered together to become a pivoting force promoting the establishment of peace.

Creatives Unite collected all the initiatives happening in the European Member States and created a map to visualise the wave of support towards the cultural and creative sector in Ukraine.

From funding opportunities for Ukrainian artists, events dedicated to the reviving of the sector and projects designed by the European Commission for the support of Ukrainian cultural and creative professionals the map showcases past and upcoming actions.

How does the EU respond to the Ukraine Crisis?

EU Countries

From the 27 EU countries there have been organised more than 130 actions since 2022 aiming to give voice to the artists and creatives of Ukraine.

Which are the top actions happening in the EU?

The majority of the showcased actions is focused on funding opportunities that offer financial support to the cultural and creative sectors and industries in Ukraine. The second most common action are events organised to open the discussion on the situation in Ukraine and ways to provide help. Initiatives by Creative Europe, organisations based in Europe and the European Commission follow with a variety of selected topics.

The map shows the number of actions provided by each EU country. Select the country you would like to get information about and browse through the available initiatives.

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