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Cultural and regional synergies

Creatives Unite gathered synergies between local authorities and cultural organisations across Europe.

Across Europe municipalities are connecting with local cultural organisations to create projects organised in their cities.

Creatives Unite collected good practices from the European Member States and created a map of synergies to visualise the collective effort to engage local cultural organisations in projects for their cities. The synergies support the exchange of experiences between local and regional administrations and experts in different cultural and creative sectors.

These collaborations show the importance cultural organisations hold as mediators between artists and creatives and regional authorities, in order for more cultural and creative projects to become a reality. Cultural synergies provide support and connect artists and cultural and creative professionals with regional authorities, playing a significant role in the ecosystem.

The map shows projects from all kinds of cultural and creative sectors and multiple ways citizens can interact with cultural experiences in their city. The people of the region get involved in cultural and creative projects, they learn more about the history of the area and local professionals from different sectors get the chance to work for their local community and practise their knowledge.

The synergies aim to establish interactions between local and regional authorities and cultural organizations. In the future these initiatives could be the starting point of shaping policies, promoting collaboration, and replicating successful models in diverse contexts, aligning with the overarching goals of the supporting EU Programme.

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