FERA Urges Participation in Upcoming EU Elections

Through a series of blog posts, the Federation of European Screen Directors (FERA) is calling on European citizens to engage in the upcoming European Parliament elections

By Creatives Unite Newsroom
June 07, 2024
FERA's message is being amplified through a dedicated blog series, where the organization's chair, Bill Anderson, and five of its members – Elisabet Gustafsson, Jean-François Fontanel, Ida Grøn, Katarzyna Klimkiewicz, and Chiara Sambuchi – share their perspectives on the significance of voting and its impact on the future of Europe.

"These contributions aim to highlight the significance of voting in the European elections and their impact on our shared future," FERA states. "Through their unique perspectives and experience in storytelling, the filmmakers explore the vital role that these elections play in shaping policies, culture, and the artistic and creative landscape across Europe."

In his post, Anderson expresses concern over the "industrialization of creativity," where algorithms and AI are rearranging the past without creating new stories. He fears that the director's role is being reduced to that of a "bus driver following preordained routes," leading to a dehumanization of the creative process and the erosion of the director's artistic freedom.

Echoing this sentiment, Grøn and Klimkiewicz emphasize how voting in the EU elections is essential to defend artistic freedom and democracy. They argue that while films cannot directly solve societal problems, a healthy democracy allows for diverse, meaningful stories to be told, sparking change and debate.

Sambuchi, on the other hand, underscores the importance of protecting freedom of expression as a fundamental right, citing recent incidents of censorship and backlash against artistic expression.

By sharing these diverse perspectives, FERA hopes to inspire a deeper understanding of and active participation in the democratic process, not just within the creative community but across European society.

"With this series, we hope to inspire a deeper understanding of, and active participation in, the democratic process within our community and beyond," the organization states. "Join us on this journey."

The call to action comes at a crucial time, as citizens across Europe prepare to have their say in shaping the future of the continent. FERA's efforts to amplify the voices of creative professionals serve as a powerful reminder of the vital role the arts and culture play in a thriving, democratic society.
Image by Gustaf Öhrnell Hjalmars for Fine Acts