Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs - Ukraine | Open Call for Future Business Leaders .

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is a transformative cross-border exchange program designed to empower new and aspiring entrepreneurs.

By Creatives Unite Community.
November 06, 2023

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs offers to new and aspiring entrepreneurs a unique opportunity to learn from experienced entrepreneurs running small businesses in other SMP Participating Countries. At the same time, experienced entrepreneurs gain access to innovative ideas, new partners, and potentially untapped markets.

The main objective of the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program is:

  1. Empowering entrepreneurship
  2. Developing the international perspective and competitiveness of European SMEs
  3. Fostering potential startup entrepreneurs and newly established micro and small enterprises in the Participating Countries.

Specific objectives:

  • Provide on-the-job training for new Ukrainian entrepreneurs by connecting them with host entrepreneurs leading small and medium-sized enterprises in SMP Participating Countries. This aims to ensure a successful startup and the development of their entrepreneurial ideas.
  • Facilitate the exchange of experiences and information between Ukrainian and other European entrepreneurs, enabling the sharing of knowledge regarding the obstacles and challenges faced in the startup and growth of their businesses.
  • Enhance market access and identify potential partners for Ukrainian entrepreneurs in other EU and SMP Participating Countries.
  • Support networking between Ukrainian and other European entrepreneurs from different SMP Participating Countries, based on their knowledge and experiences.

Contribute to the EU's support for Ukrainian entrepreneurs and facilitate the continuity of business activities in Ukraine during the country's reconstruction phase following Russian military aggression.

Materahub is an Intermediary Organization (IO) under the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program - Ukraine (SMP-COSME-2023-EYEUA). As an IO, Materahub plays a crucial role in recruiting and connecting new Ukrainian entrepreneurs with host entrepreneurs and guiding them to maximize the benefits of the program.

In the framework of this program, Materahub is looking for Ukrainian entrepreneurs, from the creative and cultural sector, to facilitate their participation.

If interested you can contact making reference to Creative Unite as source of information.

The call is open from October 2023 for 28 months.

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