Tools and resources

Online tools and resources, platforms, policy papers, reports etc.


NEMO: a map of planned museums’ reopening

Click on a country to learn about the current situation for its museums, their digital strategies, and plans to re-open. The map is created by the Network of European Museum Organisations with the help of its members.


Digital Studio Talk: Rethinking the stage!

The Un-Label Performing Arts Company was supposed to premiere three new international productions in May 2020 in Germany. Unfortunately, all the events had to be canceled due to the current Corona circumstances.


International report demands Europe’s cultural agenda to properly support disabled artists and audiences

Gathering expertise from 18 countries, the report outlines a clear demand that national cultural policymakers across Europe work quickly to establish specific cultural policies which support disabled people as cultural audiences, but also as cultural workers and as artists.


World Economic Forum interacting mapping

The World Economic Forum has created an interactive mapping/visualisation of COVID-19 and its impact.


EWC SURVEY: The economic impact of COVID19 on writers and translators in the European book sector

Results of the EWC Survey “The Economic Impact of COVID-19 on Writers and Translators in the European Book Sector” and 37 recommendations for a sustainable future on EU and national level.


Webinar in Arabic: Preventive measures about COVID contamination in libraries

Guidelines for Reopening Libraries During the COVID-19 Pandemic.