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On the Move : A list of resources

A list of resources, in partnership with Circostrada, that gathers information and initiatives internationally. Find the list here. On the Move Circostrada


Northern Dimension Institute: Designing innovative public services

The ND Future Forum on Culture focused on the potential of creative and cultural cross-overs in producing public services that tackle societal challenges more effectively. …


Culture & COVID-19: Impact and Response Tracker

To address the profound impact the COVID-19 pandemic will have on the culture sector, UNESCO has launched a weekly “Culture & COVID-19: Impact and Response …


Covid-Initiatives Platform

Makers against Covid The Covid-Initiatives platform draws an inventory of initiatives from the civil society to help fight the Covid-19 pandemic. Many citizens have started mobilizing …


10 tips for designing business surveys to understand the impacts of COVID-19 on the creative industries

Tips about how to approach survey design, based on years of experience of designing creative industries business surveys, including a major new survey on creative …


A collaborative map to track the coronavirus policy measures

By KEA, a pioneer in the field of culture and creative industry policy.