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The Space Programme 2022 | Arts & Immersive Technology | Online Application

This edition of Performance Corporation’s collaborative artists residency will take place 10-17 February 2022 and focus on the crossover between Arts and Immersive Technology, such as Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality.

Deadline: 3 December 2021

SPACE offers artists and immersive tech creatives, from a wide variety of backgrounds, the opportunity to work collaboratively and experiment with new forms and ideas at the The Tyrone Guthrie Centre in County Monaghan.

This opportunity is being offered at a time when immersive tech is revolutionising human connection, the imagination, and how we express ourselves. As large corporate interests actively seek dominance of the VR world, there is an urgent need for artists and creatives to carve out a distinctive virtual space where individual creativity can flourish unmediated by the big names of the tech world. SPACE seeks to foster this spirit of independent artistic exploration in this rapidly developing field.

The residency gives participants space to connect and collaborate with a wide range of creatives from different backgrounds, challenge and develop their personal artistic practice, experiment with new ideas and forms, explore the potential of new technology in artistic creation.

Applications are open to artists working in any practice who have some experience with immersive technology. Similarly, the organisers would like to hear from technologists, VR developers, interactive designers and creators who have a record of artistic expression and/or experimentation through immersive tech.

The Performance Corporation provide travel costs, full board, spaces to work, equipment, and extraordinary people with whom to collaborate.

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The Performance Corporation is a creative cultural company focusing on artistic performance and events. They make Immersive Theatre, Virtual Reality Creations and Opera all over the world as well as create and R+D opportunities for artists and technologists. They work with a team of Writers, Performers, Designers, Producers, XR Designers and Composers to create fresh, award-winning work blending thrilling visuals, hi-tech innovation, edgy writing and strong physical intuition. They are interested in pushing ‘technology meets arts’ boundaries and taking the best from both disciplines.

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