The Dresden Declaration of the European Theatre Forum

This Declaration, co-written by IETM, explores the unique value of theatre and the performing arts, addresses the urgency of establishing a pan-European focus on these sectors, underlining the impact of Covid-19 and current key challenges. It describes the way to go by putting forward eight policy recommendations and actions to be taken starting from 2021 to strengthen and support these sectors.

During the pandemic, artists and all other professionals working in the sector have been going through an unprecedentedly long period of partial or complete inactivity, which has had a devastating effect on the entire value chain. Moreover, the effects of the second COVID-19 wave are putting the performing arts sector at an even higher risk of devastation. It is imperative to develop a unified European vision for the sector’s recovery and sustainable future. Certain structural issues and challenges faced by the sector across Europe – in various forms and to various extents – would be best addressed at the EU level, complementing measures and programmes undertaken by the EU, and promoting and sharing best practices.

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The European Theatre Forum


Picture: © Jan Tinnenberg

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