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The #concertfromhome Season

Live streaming concerts as a form of musical expression and a medium of recognition during the COVID-19.

The #concertfromhome Season refers to live concerts that are streamed straight from the artists’ homes using their mobile phones, but under exceptional technical conditions in order to secure the best possible quality of the live musical performance for the viewers via streaming. After the end of the concert, the recordings become available in VOD for a period of 90 days. The artists are paid from ticket sales -when applicable- or possible sponsorships.

Thursdays are reserved for classical music and weekends for world music, while jazz and other genres are programmed in between.

Since March 2020 the #concertfromhome Season has been initiated and is operated by the East-West Pro Muzica Foundation in Bucharest, Romania.

Find the concerts and more information here.

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