Stories / Good practices

Stories of good practices that can inspire and motivate organisations and individuals.



Kuvertura is a game between strangers who like to read and a way to support the small bookstores in the center of Athens, in the era of pandemic and social distancing.


Heidelberg’s response to COVID-19

Heidelberg launched a solidarity programme “Solo Fantastico” for freelance artists.


weRculture campaign

An initiative where artists and creative workers from UNESCO Creative Cities Network respond to global crisis with video messages.


“Coronline” TV shows with Heidelberg artists

“Coronline” is a project of the city of Heidelberg to support Heidelberg’s economy and culture during the COVID-19 crisis.


Compendium of Cultural Policies & Trends – Interview series

The Compendium’s interview series, are examining the different dimensions of the role of artists, policy makers and the effects of COVID-19 on arts and culture in Europe.


Infected Cities: a series of nine LIVECASTS about the impact of COVID-19

How do different metropolises deal with the corona pandemic and the value of arts & culture in these cities?