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State of Fashion 2022 | Ways of Caring | Open Call for Contributors

The call is open to, designers, artists, activists, knitters, seamstresses, researchers, educators, performers, photographers, filmmakers, writers, and fashion enthusiasts all over the world.

Application deadline: 16 December 2021

State of Fashion is a pioneering platform that explores an urgently needed radical change in fashion. With this open call, State of Fashion sets out to find makers and practitioners with radical ideas and perspectives, to co-create a collectively commissioned work for the exhibition ‘Fashion as Encounters’ curated by NOT_____ENOUGH Collective as part of State of Fashion 2022 | Ways of Caring.

As NOT____ENOUGH Collective considers collective work pivotal in resisting the dominant standards in fashion, they are looking for max. 9 practitioners to collectively create 3 new works, especially for this exhibition. With this open call, they are looking to find creators and thinkers with radical ideas who are willing to contribute to the biennial’s plural approach, to actively challenge and transform fashion. Individuals and groups of any age, nationality and country of residence are invited to send proposals.

The process of co-creation will take place over a period of 4 months and will be moderated by the members of the Not Enough Collective. The process will start in February 2022 and will end in May 2022. By May, the works must be produced, reproduced and/or transported to the Netherlands. State of Fashion 2022 I Ways of Caring opens on 2 June 2022. Through online working sessions, participants will work collectively to respond to the theme of their choice. Please note that the creative process will happen online only, as applicants are spread all over the world. The organisers are aiming to facilitate one working visit to Arnhem, the Netherlands, depending on the developments around COVID-19.

Participants receive a total fee of €1500 for their contribution. When an existing work of the participant is selected for the exhibition through the co-curation process (in consultation with Not Enough Collective) an additional fee of €300 is offered. Each team will receive a realistic working budget. If duos or collectives are selected, the fee will be shared by the team members.

Find more information here.

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