Spotlight Initiatives

This new feature of Creatives Unite aims to give further space
to the contributions that form it, by presenting the story behind them.
Every week we will take you deeper into the initiatives arisen
from the cultural and creative sectors due to the health crisis, in order to underline
the importance and power of solidarity as the greatest example of action.

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CulturEU | Commission launches an interactive tool on EU Funding

With this interactive guide, the European Commission wants to ease access to the funding opportunities available for the cultural and creative sectors across all the funding sources of the European Union available in 2021-2027.

Arts Management & Health | Arts Management Quarterly Publication

The relationship between arts & health has regained an interest because of COVID-19. An array of institutions are exploring programs & strategies intended to support health & well-being of which examples from across the world are discussed in this intriguing issue of Arts Management Quarterly.

The Green World Cities of Tomorrow: Culture & Sustainability | Culture & Climate Change Report

This new report published by the World Cities Culture Forum looks at how major cities around the world are responding to climate change through cultural policies and programmes.

MakersXchange Mobility Search Tool is now available!

Are you a maker looking to travel? Browse easily through a wide range of mobility opportunities for makers in the new interactive tool of the Makersxchange project!

S4Fashion: Call for Proposals

The purpose of the call for proposals is to select and provide funding and support to 25 transnational partnerships that aim at creating a new innovative product or service directly improving the take-up and adoption of sustainability and circularity models and practices in the fashion sectors.

Fostering knowledge valorisation through the arts and cultural institutions

A five month study on behalf of the DG for Research & Innovation of the European Commission.