“Solidarni s kulturo”

“Solidarni s kulturo” is a solidarity Campaign, which collects donations and financial aid for the most socially disadvantaged cultural workers during the coronavirus epidemic, and was developed as one of the projects of the informal group “Helping the Self-Employed in Culture during Covid-19”.

The public life was paralysed – concerts, performances and exhibition tours were the first to be canceled, and many other cultural activities soon died out.

“Helping the Self-Employed in Culture during Covid-19” group launched the Solidarni s kulturo initiative in order to support the most socially disadvantaged cultural workers. It is also a group that works in various ways, but above all it tries to influence government intervention measures by formulating concrete proposals to the Government of the Republic of Slovenia and the Ministry of Culture that would ensure equal treatment of all self-employed and precarious workers, especially workers in the field of culture, in providing state aid during the (post) epidemic of coronavirus.

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