Sensorium Festival Weekly Newsletter

Sensorium is a digital arts & culture festival and platform building a thoughtful and foresightful society.

Sensorium is a festival combining a conference, workshops, exhibitions and performances bridging the fields of art, technology and science. Founded in 2016 it has brought to Bratislava the most cutting edge artists, designers and innovators from all around the world.

To stay in touch in times and social distancing, to gather ideas and to contribute to what is inspiring, Sensorium Festival has launched a weekly format bringing voices from the community to reflect on the current pandemic situation and its potential implications. Stockpiling Food For Thought – the Sensorium Quarantine Weekly Special will bring one interview with an inspiring artist, curator or thinker from the area of digital arts and culture every Sunday morning at 10AM CET.

Find the newsletter here.

Sensorium Festival

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