Sector: Music

Organisations and initiatives

European Choral Association – Europa Cantat (ECA)

ECA-EC is a non-profit association gathering organisations, choirs and individuals active in the field of collective singing in Europe. It aims to foster cooperation and mutual understanding between cultures, nations and individuals across social and political borders, to promote collective singing as tool for education and for community building and to represent the interests of the singing community.

Stories / Good practices

Kammeroper Salzburg

The Kammeroper Salzburg is a free opera ensemble founded during the Corona-crises, based in Austria.


PRS Emergency Relief Fund

The Emergency Relief Fund is a new initiative bringing together PRS and PRS Members Fund, with support from PRS Foundation. The ERF provides financial support to PRS writer members experiencing extreme hardship as a result of the measures to tackle COVID-19.

Stories / Good practices

The #concertfromhome Season

Live streaming concerts as a form of musical expression and a medium of recognition during the COVID-19.


A Confined Place – Open call

“A Confined Place” -carried out within the Creative Europe “A-Place” project- is a programme of activities to strengthen the sense of place in the times of confinement.

Advocacy Initiatives

IMPALA’s Recovery Plan

On 29 April, IMPALA proposed a recovery roadmap to boost growth in Europe through music and culture, in sync with the EU Recovery Plan.

Advocacy Initiatives

IMPALA’s Crisis Plan

On the 25th of March 2020, as the Covid-19 crisis deepened, IMPALA called for a swift and massive response to ensure music and other cultural sectors weather the storm.

GEMA emergency relief programme

GEMA provides an emergency relief programme of up to €40 million for its members (composers, songwriters and music publishers) as well as flexible solutions for

Organisations and initiatives


GEMA, a collective management organisation, manages remuneration claims and entitlements of its members at a global level, wherever their copyright-protected musical works are used.

Organisations and initiatives

European Music Council (EMC)

The European Music Council (EMC) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the development and promotion of all genres and types of music in Europe. It is a network that promotes and supports music-related activities for representatives of both national music councils and European networks involved in the fields of music education, creation, performance, participation, production and heritage. The EMC is a Regional Group of the International Music Council.

Organisations and initiatives

Live DMA

Live DMA is a European non-governmental network working to support and to promote the conditions of the live music sector.

Organisations and initiatives


Midem combines expertly curated industry programming with tailored events to provide a platform for music professionals to meet, exchange and network.

Organisations and initiatives

International Federation of Musicians

The Federation’s main objective is to protect and further the economic, social and artistic interests of musicians represented by its member unions.

Organisations and initiatives

IFPI – Representing the Recording Industry Worldwide

IFPI is at the centre of a globally coordinated network of different national organisations.
It has affiliated organisations in 56 countries, including national groups that represent their own member record companies in each individual country, and music licensing companies – bodies that administer rights and collect revenues for the public performance of recorded music.

Organisations and initiatives

European Association of Artist Managers (AEAA)

AEAA was founded by a group of artist managers, concert agents and impresarios from six European countries in December 1947. Originally called “Association Européene des Directeurs des Bureaux de Concerts et Spectacles” it was co-founded in Paris aiming to maintain exchanges and positive relations.