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Meet the Innovators: Brave New World

The pandemic has changed the fashion landscape, limiting manual processes and physical meetups — but it has also created new opportunities in other areas. Find out more and learn how Fashion for Good is helping to shape a brave new world for fashion during and after COVID, through this online event.

Stories / Good practices

The New Intimacy – Bodies, Objects and Spaces

Given the current circumstances by Covid-19, ArtEZ looks at what (physical) distance means for the desirable and necessary personal relationships, both in the private and public environment.

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The State of Fashion 2020

An in-depth report on the global fashion industry in the wake of the coronavirus crisis, focusing on the themes, issues and opportunities impacting the sector.

Tools & Resources

COVID-19 UPDATES page by British Fashion Council

The British Fashion Council is engaging directly with government in order to closely monitor COVID-19 updates, advice and support for businesses, and to ensure the challenges facing the industry are articulated to the government.

Stories / Good practices

On The House

A collective of technology and design volunteers sponsoring anyone that needs help pivoting their business or personal income online during COVID-19.

Stories / Good practices

“Show us!” Campaign | #ZeigsUnsHeidelberg

The city of Heidelberg, together with actors from the creative industries, launched the “Show us!” Campaign. During the campaign, the colorful posters are spread all over the city and in the social media, as a reminder of compliance with the AHA rules and regular ventilation.

Stories / Good practices

Viral Design book from Distributed Design Platform

This book collects observations and reflections from the Distributed Design Platform and extended community. It aims to give shape to the experiences of designers and makers across Europe and throughout the globe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tools & Resources

The State of Presence Report

In times of uncertainty, it is needed to stay aware of the present. Aiming to better understand what is happening now in order to anticipate future behaviour, The Power House, an innovation agency for FashionTech and wearable technology, interviewed people from different disciplines, who have innovative and entrepreneurial spirits, to learn about how they are dealing with the present crisis, and how they are adapting to face the future.

Cooperation opportunities

Join the Artist

Join the Artist is the online platform that enables artists, practising any artistic discipline, to get in contact with their fans through DIY events, exhibitions and workshops, organized by the artists, on site or online.

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Mask Sign

Mask Sign is a project that was born with the intention of collectively combining knowledge, energy and helping each other and society as a whole during the health crisis.

Organisations and initiatives

DREAM TEAM by Giffoni Innovation Hub s.r.l.

The DREAM TEAM mission is to promote the culture of innovation within the dynamics of companies and the creation of temporary Open Innovation workshops for young people aged 14 to 28 on issues related to the 17 objectives UN 2030 agenda with the involvement of the Giffoni community.

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An initiative featuring Dutch and Ukrainian designers that set in place a structure for sharing digital knowledge, innovation and collaboration and that will lead to a final celebration at Dutch Design Week-2020.

Organisations and initiatives

Covid-19 Greek Designers Call for Action

A list of creatives from a wide range of design and communication that are coming together in order to provide their services, knowledge and time -free of charge- to the Greek state for creating communication campaigns regarding COVID-19, requesting to redirect the communication budget for medical equipment and the support of the health system in general.

Stories / Good practices

A Creative Hub program

The Creative Hub program comes to support the creative industries by giving a space for creative content which can be appreciated as well by parents and children that look to spend their free time with creative ideas.

Organisations and initiatives

Art Directors Club of Europe (ADCE)

ADCE was created in 1990 by a group of professional design and advertising associations from around Europe. Owned and managed by its members, its mission has been to foster and reward excellence and to showcase the diversity of European creativity.

Organisations and initiatives

Brigada de Comunicare Nonprofit

A new community of 270 volunteers in communications that is offering pro bono help to NGOs and social causes in Romania.

The Makers x Covid Paris is one of the initiatives that have sprung up due to COVID19 emergency and in order to contribute to the dealing of the lack of sanitary equipment.

Covid-Initiatives Platform

Makers against Covid The Covid-Initiatives platform draws an inventory of initiatives from the civil society to help fight the Covid-19 pandemic. Many citizens have started mobilizing

Makers x Covid Paris

Makery relays voices from fabrication spaces federated around the collective Makers x Covid Paris. They tell the story of how they mobilized and organized to