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Sector: Audiovisual – Film

Organisations and initiatives

Society of Audiovisual Authors (SAA)

SAA is the association of European collective management organisations (CMOs) representing audiovisual authors. Its 33 members in 25 countries manage rights for over 140,000 film, television and multimedia European screenwriters and directors. The SAA is working to address the devastating situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tools & Resources

IMZ Special News: Music + Dance in time of COVID-19

A page that gathers all the information about the latest live streams, donation campaigns and multiple activities that bring music + dance directly to our homes and support the performing arts and cultural sector.

Stories / Good practices

MEDIA BIZ Info-Channel

A new platform that provides space for the sharing of information, the visualisation of the creative work but also for discussions.

European Creative Lab

Aktionstheater PAN.OPTIKUM – a collective of artists – moved its activities from analogue to digital and launched the ‘European Creative Lab’ with partners and friends from all over Europe.

Tools & Resources

A Confined Place – The Blog

A blog – part of A Confined Place project- which invites the participants to reflect their experience with the places they are living in the time of confinement.


A Confined Place – Open call

“A Confined Place” -carried out within the Creative Europe “A-Place” project- is a programme of activities to strengthen the sense of place in the times of confinement.