Sector: Cultural Heritage & Museums

Cultural Reactives

While for the cases where restrictions on the physical gathering of people is preventing the exhibition of cultural projects, the path is already defined, there is still no widespread alternative model to the physical visit of cultural places and/or to the involvement of participatory processes.

NEMO report on digitisation and copyright

In order to identify challenges that museums in Europe encounter when digitising their collections and establishing online access to them, NEMO conducted a survey on digitisation and copyright.

Europa + Heritage Support Grant

This supporting grant can also be considered as knowledge exchange in how to deal with the challenges related to the Covid crisis within the field of heritage. Scheme consist of seven grant of 5.000 euro.

NEMO: a map of planned museums’ reopening

Click on a country to learn about the current situation for its museums, their digital strategies, and plans to re-open. The map is created by the Network of European Museum Organisations with the help of its members.

Organisations and initiatives

Historic England

Historic England is the public body that helps people care for, enjoy and celebrate England’s historic environment. It protects, champions and saves the places that define the English identity.
It is working with communities and specialists who share the same passion, knowledge and skills to inspire interest, care and conservation.

Stories / Good practices

Literary art Diary

Literary art Diary is a creative initiative that links cultural institutions with creatives to rethink culture as an open space without limits.



“Ingegnarsi” event wanted to react to the covid 19 situation and to provide an alternative and resilient way to celebrate this important moment for the city by organising a 4-day on line event that has reached over 5.000 people.

Organisations and initiatives

ICOMOS – International Council on Monuments and Sites

ICOMOS works for the conservation and protection of cultural heritage places. It is the only global non-government organisation of this kind, which is dedicated to promoting the application of theory, methodology, and scientific techniques to the conservation of the architectural and archaeological heritage. ICOMOS is a network of experts that benefits from the interdisciplinary exchange of its members, among which are architects, historians, archaeologists, art historians, geographers, anthropologists, engineers and town planners.

Stories / Good practices

Europa Nostra Digital Agora

Born as a creative response to the confinement and physical distancing implemented to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, this virtual platform aims at sharing and promoting digital best practices related to culture and cultural heritage from across Europe and the world.

Stories / Good practices

Stories to start over (Racconti per Ricominciare)

Stories to start over (Racconti per Ricominciare), the performing arts project that was born with the aim of helping the cultural and theatre sectors by encouraging the population to overcome the Covid-19 isolation and fear.