Sector: All CCs and cross-sectoral

The State of Places – Lo Stato dei Luoghi

The association State of Places – Lo Stato dei Luoghi , the first Italian urban regeneration network unites about 90 (now) organisations and people who define themselves as “activators of places and managers of regenerated spaces” transformed into inclusive and empowering cultural centers in many territories throughout Italy.

Art Directors Club of Europe (ADCE)

ADCE was created in 1990 by a group of professional design and advertising associations from around Europe. Owned and managed by its members, its mission has been to foster and reward excellence and to showcase the diversity of European creativity.

Digital Storytelling Workshop

A physical workshop on digital storytelling that was supposed to be held in Berlin, has been transformed into a free online workshop due to the pandemic COVID-19.

Immunity of the Arts Vol.2

A discussion about the massive digital shift happening in the cultural world during the current global health crisis (COVID-19), initiated by Master Performing Public Space,

Artist Protection Fund

The Artist Protection Fund (APF) is an initiative of the Institute of International Education, sponsored by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. The APF makes fellowship

Cultural gems map

Cultural gems is a free open source web app, conceived by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre, to map cultural and creative places in European

Kooperativa – Regional Platform for Culture

Kooperativa – Regional Platform for Culture was registered in August 2012 in Zagreb, as non-governmental, non-party and non-profit association of legal entities. It is a regional network of organisations working in the field of independent culture and contemporary art in South-eastern Europe.

Coronavirus Global Response

The European Union and its partners are hosting an international pledging conference starting on Monday 4 May 2020 where it is aimed to raise €7.5

Cultural Research Network

An open resource-sharing community of practice for anyone involved in arts- and culture-related research. A network that emphasises on the practice and process of current research, and the opportunities to inform that active work among peers, academics, and fellow professionals. A collaborative platform that provides opportunities to explore project or professional connections, methodological challenges, technological innovations, standards and practices, and shared infrastructure.

New European Media Initiative (NEM Initiative)

The NEM Initiative (New European Media Initiative) was established as one of the European Technology Platform under the Seventh Framework Programme, aiming at fostering the convergence between consumer electronics, broadcasting and telecoms in order to develop the emerging business sector of networked and electronic media.