Sector: All CCs and cross-sectoral

Europa Nostra Digital Agora

Born as a creative response to the confinement and physical distancing implemented to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, this virtual platform aims at sharing and promoting digital best practices related to culture and cultural heritage from across Europe and the world.

EU Council Presidency: Member States COVID measures for CCS

As a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Croatian Presidency of the Council of the EU has been gathering information about specific national and European measures put in place on the national level in order to support cultural and creative sectors.

Brave New Art World

An initiative for bringing together creatives in order to lead to the creation of a Brave New Art World.

Arts and Theatre Institute

The ATI is a state contributory organisation that was established by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and its mission is to provide the Czech and international public with comprehensive services in the field of theatre and individual services relating to the arts (music, literature, dance, and the visual arts). It also collects, processes, and provides access to collectible materials relating to the theatre. It conducts research and pursues educational activities.

Cultural Welfare Center (CCW)

Culture as a resource for Health. CCW was founded in Turin (Italy) in response to the health crisis but also looking beyond. It is an interdisciplinary centre aiming to promote study, research, skills-building, the shaping of policy and the strengthening of practices revolving around the value of Culture for the Wellbeing of People and Communities, as a prerequisite of sustainable social development within a framework of social justice.

DREAM TEAM by Giffoni Innovation Hub s.r.l.

The DREAM TEAM mission is to promote the culture of innovation within the dynamics of companies and the creation of temporary Open Innovation workshops for young people aged 14 to 28 on issues related to the 17 objectives UN 2030 agenda with the involvement of the Giffoni community.

Follow Your Art

Follow Your Art is a funding campaign to support artists and art workers hit by the covid-19 measures across European countries and beyond.

Art on Lockdown

On Wednesday, May 27 at 18:30 (GMT+3), the SNF DIALOGUES will hold its fourth live webcast, “Art on Lockdown,” to discuss the deep new challenges arts and culture professionals face as a result of the pandemic.

Creative Business Network (CBN)

CBN aims to create a deep and unique experience for readers/audience/attendees and competitions involving the people, personalities, pitfalls and passion of the global startup tribe.

This is CBN – Wednesday Webinars

A new weekly platform aiming to strengthen and educate the CBN community, spread experiences, strengthen the communication between start-ups, national partners, current and future partners and most importantly create a place where creative discourse is possible.

From Giffoni to Europe

A webinar where 9 giffoners set to talk to the european commissioner Mariya Gabriel, a unique opportunity to talk about their future and some topics for the youth: culture, innovation, education.