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COVID-19 Recovery Resource Platform

Sector: All CCIs and cross-sectoral

Research notes by the Zurich Centre for Creative Economies

Four research notes aiming: (1) to recall the history of the “relief” programmes set up in the past to aid the cultural sector, especially during the Great Depression of 1929; (2) to analyse the current situation of the cultural sectors, both as a whole and sector by sector; (3) to present the Swiss creative economy through some statistics-based reflections on the current debate in Switzerland; and finally (4), beyond the current debates: to consider alternative strategies for analysing the creative economy.


Future Vision Makers Lab for Media Innovators

A three-day story lab -CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?- helps screenwriters, games designers and XR-creators design plausible and thrilling post-COVID future scenarios as the basis for new media projects.

Home work – Art residence at home

Due to the difficult situation for many independent professional culture creators, Region Östergötland has launched a call for grants for 20 personal scholarships of 20 000 SEK each (about 2000 Euro) .


A Confined Place – Open call

“A Confined Place” -carried out within the Creative Europe “A-Place” project- is a programme of activities to strengthen the sense of place in the times of confinement.