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Ruritage | Rural Connections Webinars

Learn how RURITAGE partners and other EU-funded projects are working to reduce disaster risk in both natural, urban and rural environment.

Mon, Nov 15, 2021, 2:30 PM EET

“Rural Connections, webinar series for knowledge exchange with EU Rural projects”, is a set of three webinars involving RURITAGE Role Models and Replicators and a group of European rural projects. The main objective of this series is to exchange knowledge and best practices between EU projects working on different aspects related to rural development, with the view to support RURITAGE Role Models and Replicators in the implementation of their rural regeneration action plans. While the target audience are RURITAGE Role Models and Replicators, the webinar series will be open to public and streamed on RURITAGE Facebook to ensure wide outreach of the message. The third webinar on this series will focus on Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) & Resilience.

While natural hazards are naturally-occurring physical phenomena of atmospheric, geologic and/or hydrologic origins, disasters are a result of the combination of those hazards with exposure and lack of preparedness. They occur when societies are unable to implement measures to reduce risk, i.e. when societies are unable to withstand the impact of natural events due to lack of or insufficient preparedness.

The concept and practices of reducing disaster risks through a systematic effort to analyse and reduce its causal factors is called Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and it is an increasingly important theme in the agenda of the United Nations organisations.

Although most RURITAGE partners aren’t directly involved in DRR activities, the effects of natural hazards, amplified by climate change, are visible across their territories. This workshop aims to get RURITAGE communities thinking about ways to prevent and mitigate risks locally.

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