Roundtable with Dave Patten, The Science Museum

From social distancing to flexible interfaces, chemical screen cleaning to robot tours. In a recent virtual meet-up, Dave Patten took Jim Richardson and the MuseumNext community through some of the challenges that have presented themselves at London’s Science Museum over the last 12 months.

As part of the digital directorate at London’s Science Museum, Dave Patten manages a team that develops and delivers all of the in-museum digital experiences – incorporating film, computer games and digital interpretation. Over the years, the Science Museum has cultivated a reputation for its incredible levels of interactivity and visitor engagement.

But during the height of a pandemic, the more tactile and hands-on an exhibition or installation, the greater the challenge to run. In MuseumNext latest community meet-up, Dave kicked things off by talking through his own experiences in 2020. He said, “When we first went into lockdown we spent quite a bit of time auditing everything in the museum, trying to find out what we’d need to do to reopen the museum to make it Covid safe.” You can read more here.

Founded in 2009 in England, MuseumNext brings together a passionate community of museum leaders, makers and innovators to ask ‘what’s next for museums?’

To find out more about the journeys museums and galleries have taken to tackle the COVID-19 crisis, don’t miss the MuseumNext Digital Summit later this month. Read more information about it here.

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