Research / Surveys

Surveys, mapping processes and research regarding the CCIs during the COVID-19 crisis

2021 ScreenSkills Assessment Survey

ScreenSkills invites you to fill out this 10-minute survey to help them understand current skills, gaps and shortages, the impact of Covid-19 on working practices and what the industry will look like in the future.

NEMO follow-up report on the continued impact of Covid-19 on the museum sector

In a new report NEMO analyses how museums have been affected by the pandemic. The findings and recommendations follow up on the main themes that emerged in the first report, namely consequences of losses, digital offers and organizations’ readiness to adapt.

COVID-19 Survey 2: Medium-term impact on the arts residency sector

This survey is the second of three planned surveys to assess the effects of the pandemic on this sector.

Somerset Creative & Cultural COVID-19 Impact Surveys

The surveys are simple and aiming to contribute to the wider national picture affecting the creative and cultural sector.

Creative & Cultural Skills Recruitment Trends Survey

In the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, the cultural sector is experiencing and set to face further challenging times. This survey therefore seeks to collect data on the entry routes for new recruits currently supported by organisations in the cultural sector and the development of the talent pipeline through options such as apprenticeships, internships and work experience.

Creative and Cultural Sector Coronavirus Impact Study – UK

This independent, peer-led study will identify the immediate, medium and long-term impacts of COVID-19 on the various parts of the creative and cultural sector.