Research / Surveys

Surveys, mapping processes and research regarding the CCIs during the COVID-19 crisis

MMF gathering evidence and data

MMF is gathering evidence of the impact COVID-19 has on the music makers and their representatives.

COVID-19 and Workers in the Cultural and Creative Sectors Pan-european survey

A survey in order to better understand the ways in which the creatives are dealing with the changed conditions of work and everyday life in times of the pandemic.

Survey- Internationalisation of music diversity in times of COVID-19

A survey in order to come up with alternatives for the internationalisation of music diversity during the health crisis.

The impact of Covid-19 on Religious Heritage organisations

A survey on the impact of Covid-19 on Religious Heritage organisations.

The effects of COVID19 on cultural & creative sectors and cities’ response

An EUSurvey

The state of the cultural and creative sector in Lucano

Materahub realises an in-depth analysis of the situation in the Lucano’s Cultural and Creative sector by giving voice to its representatives, analyzing the current situation, the impact of the obligatory measurements, the expectations and their needs for the future.