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Artists & Creatives
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4th International Festival | Reflection of disability in art

The purpose of the Festival is to highlight art through the perspective of disability.

The University of Macedonia organizes from 3 to 10 December 2021 and in online form the 4th International Festival “The reflection of Disability in Art” with the acronym iRoDi. The idea starts from the inalienable right of people with disabilities to express themselves through art, either amateur or professional. The festival is meant to reflect the skills of people with disabilities and the opportunities that each society has to provide to each individual, contributing to the cultural identity of the individual and society.

The Festival supports and promotes the social inclusion of people with disabilities through their participation in cultural events in any role they wish, as actors, directors, volunteers or simply as spectators.

The Festival’s Organizing Committee, taking into account the data regarding the pandemic, decided to proceed with the organization in online form, with the cultural events being available freely and free to all. This decision is based on the recognition of the Festival’s obligation to the disabled and to all who represent diversity for its continuous and uninterrupted operation and to support, in this way, the ideal of social inclusion, but also of the University of Macedonia in general.

The artistic program of the Festival includes movie screenings, Greek and foreign producers, musical performances, art exhibitions and many other actions.

Find more information here.

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