Stories to start over (Racconti per Ricominciare)

Stories to start over (Racconti per Ricominciare), the performing arts project that was born with the aim of helping the cultural and theatre sectors by encouraging the population to overcome the Covid-19 isolation and fear. 

If people cannot go to the theaters, the theater will go to the people.

Racconti per Ricominciare – Stories to Start Over- is a performing arts event which will take place in Italy, in royal building and heritage sites around Naples and in some special location in Campania region, from June 25 to July 12, 2020. In each place, a limited number of spectators will attend four 15-minute monologues in four different open spaces, following a controlled and safe itinerary. Each group of spectators will begin its theatrical ‘tour’ every 30 minutes. Monologues are based on literary novel and original drama written by contemporary authors for this special event.

A project that aims to create employment for cultural and artistic workers, a category of atypical workers who need to get back to work as soon as possible. The project uses the current rules of physical distance as an opportunity for a new creativity, for a renewed artistic inspiration and for a moral and economic regeneration of cultural centers and workers. A project that also wants to start a process of re-appropriation of the places of art and history, in order to help people to go back to a culturally active life in safety.

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