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Project aims at helping GLAMs engage digitally with youth during the pandemic

The Erasmus+ funded project The GLAMers has published a study on the digital engagement with youth by GLAMs (Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums) during the pandemic.

The study Practices of digitally mediated youth engagement in cultural institutions during the pandemic examines the crossroad of the youth, the pandemic and GLAMs. It aims to support the dialogue of cultural heritage institutions in their attempt to face Covid19-related challenges by better engaging youth in their outreach activities. Grounded on European and international initiatives for the benefit of GLAMs, the report serves to create a collection of practices of digitally mediated youth engagement developed by European GLAMs during the pandemic. 15 concrete examples of youth engagement in the ordinary activities of GLAMs are showcased in the publication while advice on means to engage youth are given by experienced staff of the selected practices.

You can find more information here, read the study here, find the infographics here.

GLAMers: Enhancing GLAMs through youth engagement during the COVID-19 crisis.
The COVID-19 crisis has taken a toll on many sectors of all human activity,, including Europe’s cultural and creative sector. This pandemic has shed light on the importance of Digital transformation and the huge gap between the GLAMs in this perspective.
In parallel, all over Europe, civic participation against COVID-19 flourished in the form of bottom-up, community-driven initiatives for a social purpose in Europe, such as hackathons, youth activism for disadvantaged populations, 3D artifacts for citizens in need, and crowdfunding initiatives. Many young people followed or participated in digital activities organised by GLAMs remotely.
What becomes evident here, is that citizens, and more specifically youth communities, can take an active role both in society and in the co-design of new relation between GLAMs and young audiences, enticing initiatives that contribute to better societies through civic empowerment.

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