Potrzebnyartysta.pl (artist needed) “Small job – big project”

A project that connects artists, cultural people with business.

Potrzebnyartysta.pl (artist needed) is a project that was born in response to the difficult situation of artists during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Potrzebnyartysta.pl connects artists, cultural people with business. A small job, a piece of work such as a mural on the wall in the factory, an illustration for a company newspaper, music for a company video, a painting to decorate the office, public speaking consulting service for the CEO, can be done by graphic artists, painters, musicians, actors, sculptors, designers. Artist define their skills, companies note what artistic service they need and Potrzebnyartysta.pl does the match, with a 10% provision of the value of the service.

Find more information here.

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