PlayAway Games Festival 2021 | Looking to the games sector for inspiration in an online world

At a time when so many people across the world are moving online, Tinderbox Collective wants to turn to the Games industry for inspiration – to ask how games are adapting and responding to the pandemic, and to explore what role they could play looking ahead.

What are the most interesting ways of playing and interacting both online and offline at the moment? Are there possibilities for new connections, learning & collaborations between gaming worlds and other sectors? And how can we build a more playful and creative way forward for us all in the future?

Over 2 weeks, from 22nd Feb to 5th March, Tinderbox Collective will be showcasing and celebrating the creativity, diversity, innovation and imagination in games and interactive media. Over 30 game designers, artists, musicians, researchers and others involved in games will be getting together through a series of panel discussions, workshops, demos, live music performances, virtual play sessions and game jams.

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Tinderbox Collective

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