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Pilot Events: proving live music is safe

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis in March 2020, live music events all around Europe have been put at a stop or with logistical and sanitary conditions never seen before. In order to investigate how to manage live music events of all formats and settings in a pandemic context, many mass gathering pilot events are organised.

These are often the result of innovative collaborations between the events sector, governments and researchers. Their objectives are to test the efficacy of current mitigation measures (masks, physical distancing, hand-cleaning and sanitizing…), to explore the cost, logistics and effectiveness of testing audiences in mass, and to prove with science that live music events can be held safely.

This research work complements the advocacy calls to government to urge them to better manage their approach to the re-opening of live events. For instance, seven representative organisations from the European events sector released in April 2021 a Joint Letter to the European Commission, notably to call on reducing the need for duplication of similar test event types in each country across Europe if there is alignment to accept the results as valid.

Some challenges linked to the implementation of testing audiences for live music events are still pending:

  • Who will pay for the tests?
  • Is it relevant, considering the huge financial and logistical overload, to test people before going to cultural events? Could this money be used for other actions more favourable to an equalitarian access to cultural events? Or to help live music venues and clubs transition towards the infrastructural changes needed to put up safe concerts (eg a new and optimized ventilation)?
  • Who will do the tests? Will live music professionals be trained to do the procedure? Will health professionals be requisitioned?
  • Is this relevant to small live music events? (less than 400 capacity)
  • Will there be differentiated protocols per country? How will this be managed regarding the reception of touring artists?
  • Are corona apps accessible by all live music audiences? Will there be a European harmonization for international events?
  • Will the ticketing conditions be adapted to such new measures? What about the tickets sold before 2020 for postponed events?

Read more information here.

Live DMA is a European non-governmental network working to support and to promote the conditions of the live music sector.

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