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A platform by the cultural & creative sectors for the cultural & creative sectors

We want to gather in one place all initiatives/ information related to the cultural and creative sectors in the EU in response to the COVID crisis

We are facing a serious health crisis that not only has cost the livelihood of millions, but also has a severe impact on the sustainability of many sectors of the economy, and especially the Cultural and Creative Industries all around Europe.

Despite the inconvenient flow of daily life, creatives remained creative and many hopeful initiatives arose out of this situation. Combined with the technological possibilities and the conducive nature of the sector, the spread of information has both benefited but also prevented a more complete and cohesive action.

Following a virtual meeting of EU Ministers of Culture held on 8 April 2020 regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, Commissioner Gabriel proposed the launching of a platform for the cultural sector to share information and good practices between themselves. This is how Creatives Unite was born.

Creatives Unite is a platform that aims to balance this gap by gathering all the information circulating on the web regarding creative opportunities coming from and referring to the CCIs, by directing to the relevant websites of the respective networks, organisations and initiatives and by giving the opportunity to co-create and share solutions.

It is operated by the European Creative Hubs Network and the Goethe-Institut as part of Creative FLIP

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Advocacy Initiatives

Covid-19: A comprehensive European Cultural Recovery is urgently needed

Renew Europe launches its proposals for a comprehensive European cultural recovery plan.

Organisations and initiatives

Kulturpolitische Gesellschaft eV

The Kulturpolitische Gesellschaft eV was founded in 1976 and is the platform for cultural-political discourses in theory and practice in Germany. It stands for the principle “cultural policy is social policy” and is a party-politically independent nationwide association for the promotion of education, science and research in the fields of art, culture and cultural policy.

Organisations and initiatives

Deutsche Kulturrat

The Deutsche Kulturrat is the central association of the federal cultural associations. It is the contact for politics and administration of the federal government, the federal states and the European Union in all cultural policy matters spanning the individual sections (sections) of the German Cultural Council. The aim of the German Cultural Council is to stimulate cultural policy discussions at all political levels and to stand up for the freedom of art, publication and information.

Organisations and initiatives

IG Kultur

The IG Kultur is a national umbrella organisation and represents the interests of more than 700 autonomous cultural initiatives. Together with the cultural interest groups at the state level, it negotiates framework conditions on behalf of its members and sets cultural-political standards. IG Kultur represents cultural initiatives that work independently and continuously in the field of contemporary cultural mediation and production.

Organisations and initiatives

Res Artis: Worldwide Network of Arts Residencies

Res Artis is a 26 year old network of arts residency operators from around the globe. The network comprises more than 700 vetted members in over 85 countries and it is the worldwide professional body for the field, ensuring sustainability and growth by providing capacity building tools for the members through face-to-face meetings and digital platforms. Aiming to support and connect residencies, engage and advocate the importance of residencies in today’s society, and provide recommendations towards cultural mobility research and policy.

Stories / Good practices

Online Clowning – Bridging Gaps and Connecting

Red Noses Lithuania created in just a week a virtual “Clown Line” for little patients in hospitals and they also hurried to connect with the Seniors’ Social Care House in Vilnius.

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