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Open Club Day statement

Taking the opportunity of the coming 4th [Open] Club day on February 6th, 2021, Live DMA calls every music enthusiast to join forces & make this edition of [Open] Club Day a symbol of resilience and solidarity.

Even if their doors have to stay closed in these testing times, live music venues and clubs are by essence spaces of openness, discovery, and diversity. To valorise these dynamics is why Open Club Day was created in the first place. Since March 2020, the entire live music ecosystem is in danger. Venues and clubs are fighting for their survival.

This statement is published by Live DMA and can be signed on the [Open] Club Day website by all venues, clubs, festivals, organisation, cultural workers, concert-goers and music enthusiasts who want to join this collective movement. Signatories are listed on the [Open] Club Day website.

Read the full statement here.

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