OPEN CALL: Hackathens 2020 What comes after

ONASSIS STEGI launches a four-week e-research program for the next day of a city in a state of suspension.

Athens asks the question of what comes “after”, in an effort to imagine and shape a more open and free common future.

ONASSIS STEGI invites artists, designers, developers, musicians, lawyers or anyone else interested to apply for a four-week e-research program aiming at developing digital works addressing the question of “what comes after?”. Proposals may include fiction or non-fiction essays, games, photo-essays, 3D visualizations, video, net art, net installations, apps, and other experimental digital media. Asking for prototypes to be created as open-source material, so that they can be shareable and accessible by other creators, maximizing their benefit to the community.

Apply and find more information here.


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