NEMO Webinar | The Search For Meaning

On 25 February 2021, Ece Özdil, founder of Jüniör facilitated a NEMO webinar that guided the participants in the search for meaning during the pandemic and a time of general questioning of the role and relevance of museums. By presenting museum trends and related design methods, she helps us reflect on a meaningful future for museums.

This year museums have found themselves in a world that is totally unpredictable and changing daily with new expectations and complicated tasks on their shoulders every day. These difficulties, together with the questions that have arisen continuously during the past few years, such as ‘what is the role of a museum?’, ‘how will museums change?’ and ‘how do they have to change?’, have guided the title of this webinar: The Search For Meaning.

With this brief presentation, Ece will share eight museum trends and related design methods to rethink how to tackle especially the new kind of audience and phygital context museums have and so inform their short-, mid- and long-term actions accordingly. This webinar aims to touch on fundamental questions that are not focused on defining an ideological museum of the future or the future of digital technologies per se but rather aims to help museum-leaders and workers reflect on the meaningful future for their museums.

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Jüniör is small, woman-owned, hyper-specialised design consultancy in service of innovation, born specifically for the cultural sector.

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