Museums Without Walls Virtual Residency Programme

Museums Without Walls is seeking proposals for its virtual reality residency program. Amidst the global pandemic, the project invites us to examine how art institutions operate, both within and without their physical buildings, as systems for representation and discourse.

Residencies will take place through April and May in different versions of the Espírito Santo Art Museum – MAES hosted in the Mozilla Hubs platform. Four participants will be selected to occupy and recreate this environment based on their artistic and/or curatorial visions. The selected proposals will receive specialized mentorship and a development fee of CAD $600. The residency outcomes will be presented in the Museum Without Walls program in late May.

You can read more information and apply here. You can apply by March 29, 2021.

MAES is situated in the Southeast coast of Brazil. Museum Without Walls takes inspiration from its recent reopening, after a long reform which recuperated elements of the museum’s original architecture while making the exhibition space much more susceptible to its surroundings.

Mozilla Hubs is a multi-user virtual reality platform with a fairly low learning curve. On top of that, it is compatible with both regular browsers and the last-generation VR headsets. The choice to host this residency in Hubs is meant not only to amplify possibilities of participation, but also to emphasize the social dimensions of the museum as a public infrastructure. 

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