MOVE IT #1 (Digital) Networking

Kulturförderpunkt Berlin's first edition of “MOVE IT” is dedicated to a challenge that already existed before the Corona crisis, but has become more prominent as a result of it: How to network internationally? An international network is particularly relevant for artists and cultural professionals who aspire to transcultural, cross-border, or international projects.

With the new digital series “MOVE IT”, Kulturförderpunkt Berlin focusses on artistic production, collaboration, and exchange in an international and global context. In cooperation with touring artists they tackle the different fields that are activated when it comes to international mobility of artists and cultural professionals: networking and building partnerships, funding, the value of working abroad as an artist, and more.

In this edition Kulturförderpunkt Berlin will present different approaches when it comes to “(Digital) Networking” – approaches, that open up solutions on how to tackle this issue especially in a situation that enforces digital encounters.

Who can participate?
Students, freelancers, project makers, artists, cultural institutions, collectives, venues/project spaces from all fields of arts and culture.

Assumed level of knowledge
No prior knowledge required

When? Tuesday, 30 March 2021 | 3 to 5 pm
Where? Online
How? Participation is free, with registration via this link:

The event will be held in English

In the upcoming sessions of “MOVE IT” Kulturförderpunkt Berlin will introduce funding programs and invite experienced artists, cultural organisations, and networks to share their stories and shed light on the potential of going international. Thus, artists and cultural practitioners will receive an initial overview of funding opportunities and insights into the practical implementation of projects with partners abroad.

The Kulturförderpunkt Berlin sees itself as a contact point for Berlin’s cultural workers, artists, project initiators, associations and actors from the independent scene who are looking for information on the topic of cultural funding and funding.

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