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COVID-19 Recovery Resource Platform

Monica and Friends cartoonist shares trusted information on COVID-19

Featuring panels and statues of Turma da Mônica, the exhibit illustrates how best to protect oneself from COVID-19.

It is essential to share reliable and easy to read information so that people can protect themselves against COVID-19 in the right way. Turma da Mônica, the famous Brazilian cartoon, has joined the Verified campaign – an initiative of the United Nations to fight misinformation about the pandemic. Since the beginning of September, cartoons relating Mônica and her friends with an educational campaign about COVID-19 are being published on all UN Brasil platforms and multiple communication channels and social networks of Turma da Mônica.

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Turma da Mônica

United Nations

Brazilian cartoonist Mauricio de Sousa at his home in Sao Paulo (SP). Photo courtesy Mauricio de Sousa

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