Mapping the Needs of the Cultural and Creative Industries

DeuS is a regional Vocational Educational Training (VET) project in the cultural and creative sector joining relevant players from Austria, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Lithuania, Malta, Netherlands, Slovakia and UK.

DeuS is shaped around the Open Design School, the pillar project of Matera 2019, European Capital of Culture. The Open Design School is a design laboratory using a peer-to-peer approach, where professionals of any discipline work together sharing knowledge and expertise and testing the design solutions with the local community

As part of the initial stage of this project, Deus invites the creative industries sector including freelancers, practitioners, enterprises, educators, and advocacy bodies, researchers, funders and policy makers to participate in the study. The information that would arise from the study will go towards creating an optimised training programme and resources for the benefit of CCIs across Europe.

Find the survey and more information here.

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