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Malacate | Open Call, Wide Space

Open Call, Wide Space is an artist-in-residence programme for performing artists from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway (dance, theatre, performance, clown and others) to join MALACATE.

Application Deadline: December 19, 2021

MALACATE is a new-born festival at Mina de S. Domingos, Mértola, Portugal that aims to bring a new meaning to this abandoned mining site and for its inhabitants.

The project is focused on local issues and relating closely with the community that lives on site and around it. All the projects are required to relate (somehow) with the place and/or the inhabitants, but although the focus is local, different approaches and points-of-view are essential to create new space interpretations and original thinking. MALACATE looking for artists interested in exchanging experience and thoughts with the local community, and also willing to expand their own ongoing art-work and conceptual barriers.

Through a transnational cooperation between Companhia Cepa Torta and the Municipality of Mértola, Røros kommune (Norway) and Lise Wulff (Norway), the intention is to promote a new vision of Mina de S. Domingos through the action of artistic practice and work from, with and for the local community, creating a contemporary image of the place, not erasing its industrial past, but reoccupying the different spaces with new memories and meanings.

Find more information here.

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