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Maarjam Residency | Wild Bits project

Open Call for art installations, interventions or processes.

Maajaam is a farm for art and tech situated in South of Estonia. It concentrates on researching, experimenting with and reflecting on the relationships between people, technology and nature.

Its project Wild Bits is an exhibition concept that proposes a temporary art park in the wilderness. The exhibition looks for points of contact between people, technology and nature. The technological art installations consisting of sounds, lights, texts, sculptures or their online counterparts are placed in natural spaces like forests, fields, swamps and lakes.

With this open call Maajaam is seeking proposals for installations, interventions or processes to be installed/performed in landscapes spread out around Maajaam that explore the human condition in a contemporary technological society. The artworks should withstand outdoor conditions.

The residency will take place 7-28 July 2022. The produced works will remain in Maajaam and will be displayed at satellite exhibitions in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania until 2025. This is the first of multiple open calls to find works for Wild Bits exhibitions during 2022 – 2025.

In total we will select three to five projects for the 2022 residency period. We are open to all artists from around the world. Selected projects receive an artist fee of €2000 and a travel grant. The average budget per project is €5000. The production will be assisted by organizers by providing production facilities, tools, local manufacturing partners, specialized know-how and a smoke sauna experience.

Deadline for proposals: 12th of December 2021
Results of the open call: February 2022
Residency dates: 7th until the 28th of July 2022
Residency location: Estonia

Find more information here.

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