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Learning Trajectories

Advancing European performing arts mentoring programmes.

Many internationalisation programmes throughout Europe came to life at the initiative of local or national agencies, governments and institutions, as well as European networks and projects. Nevertheless, performing arts professionals are not always well-equipped when it comes to researching and developing international opportunities.

The project “Learning Trajectories” aims at mainstreaming best practices among intermediary organisations, as well as advancing the quality of mentoring programmes that support the internationalisation of the European arts and culture sector, and making them more accessible.

“Learning Trajectories” investigates ways to best design and implement mentoring programmes by supporting the international career development of cultural and creative professionals. They do this through three focal points:

  1. How to facilitate the access to key resources and relevant professional information from other contexts,
  2. Which mentoring methodologies and tools can be used and further developed in order to support cultural professionals
  3. How to organise curated mobility experiences and prospection trips.

1. Design three guides/online practical toolkits.
2. Share/exchange best practices.
3. Develop new working methodologies.

Find out more about the initiative here, and you can also help out by filling this short survey found here.


Eunia acts mainly within the fields of culture, education and social affairs but our areas of expertise are applicable in many other sectors, not least within management and administration.

FACE is an organization that facilitates new partnerships within Europe and with the rest of the world by building bridges between cultural institutions, arts organisations and independent experts.

Materahub manages international pilot projects to support cultural and creative industries, encouraging innovation and inclusion processes and a new entrepreneurial vision to face contemporary challenges.

On the Move is a cultural mobility information network with 50+ members in over 20 countries across Europe and internationally to encourage and facilitate cross-border mobility and cooperation.

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