KIDS – a digital channel created in the name of the game and fantasy

Rhymes, stories and visual suggestions recited, read and made in homage to Gianni Rodari, one of the world’s largest children’s authors, born just 100 years ago, are presented in a fun and educational way for the children.

FORMEVISIVE/KIDS, by the company Formediterre, made for children and their families, is a section dedicated entirely to children’s literature.

All in the name of vitality, irony and fantasy: the little spectator will be guided by Alice Cascherina, Delfina, Filastrocca, Gelsomina and Morella in the story of Primo, the adventures of Giovannino Perdigiorno and the Tragedy of a Ten and many, many other stories created by Gianni Rodari’s  imagination.

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Formediterre Teatro

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