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Artists & Creatives
COVID-19 Recovery Resource Platform

Impala Campus X Westway LAB

On Tuesday 6th April, Impala will be kicking off the IMPALA Campus with its first digital workshop, in partnership with Westway LAB.

Ten selected participants will receive high level training by music industry experts on the following topics: Overview of the music industry ecosystem, Copyright & Neighbouring Rights, Distribution, Digital Marketing, Brand partnerships. Participation to the workshop is completely free and participants also get free access to our partner’s digital conference.

Based on a number of criteria, including their level of engagement in the workshops, two participants will be selected for a follow-up mentoring session which will take place in the days or weeks following the workshop.

Send your CV along with a short cover letter to Applications close on 28th March at midnight CET, and the results will be communicated to applicants on 30th March.

The IMPALA Campus is for recorded music professionals and self-releasing artists at the start of or at a crossroads in their careers.

You can read more information here.


Westway LAB is Portugal’s first showcase festival, featuring a PRO conference and artistic residencies yielding unique performances. The four-day festival takes place in Guimarães, Portugal’s birthplace city, in the amazing Vila Flor Cultural Centre (CCVF) as well as other venues.

Westway LAB is supported by AMAEI – the Professional Association of Independent Music Artists and Publishers in Portugal, a member of IMPALA and WIN.

The project is co-funded by the European Union.

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