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Artists & Creatives
COVID-19 Recovery Resource Platform

HOMES FOR TOMORROW: CANActions International Architecture Festival

CANActions Festival organises an architecture festival examining the effects of the pandemic on notions of the home and housing politics.

Kiev, 18 September, 2021

Everyone needs a home. Could this axiom be ever more topical?

And yet since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have spent more time at home than ever. It comes with a realization that the quality of life depends on the quality of housing to a level that cannot be overstated. Home has also become an office, a ‘third space’, and, to some extent,—public space. But can every house provide for all of these qualities? Socio-economic inequalities connected to housing provision both at the global and local levels have become sharper and more apparent.

The Festival Homes for Tomorrow raises a wide range of issues, which influence whether the future of housing is of high quality and accessible. Reviewing world and Ukrainian tendencies, CANactions project the discussion into the future and consider the scenarios of housing developments, innovative typologies and set the agenda for approaching the necessary changes.

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