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Guardians of Sleep: An oral testimony project by the Museum of Dreams & the Museum of London

The Museum of Dreams is partnering with the Museum of London (UK) to launch a new project to collect oral testimony from Londoners about their dream-life during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The project takes inspiration from Sigmund Freud’s description of dreams as the “guardians of sleep,” that is, akin to night watchmen who protect the integrity of our minds and our capacity to articulate experiences in our own terms. Part of the Museum of London’s ongoing Collecting COVID project, the study seeks to better understand how dream-life serves as an integral psychological process during times of crisis.

Guardians of Sleep will take place in February 2021 with members of the public invited to speak about their COVID dream-life experiences with a member of the Museum of Dreams network: an international team of scholars, clinicians, and students. The conversations will be conducted virtually and, if the participants consent, the recordings will be considered for acquisition by the Museum of London as part of Collecting COVID for their permanent London Collection.

You can read more information about the project here.

The Museum of London tells the ever-changing story of this great world city and its people, from 450,000 BC to the present day. Its galleries, exhibitions, displays and activities seek to inspire a passion for London and provide a sense of the vibrancy that makes the city such a unique place.

The Museum of Dreams is an online hub for exploring the social and political significance of dream-life. They collect and creatively work with dreams from the historical record and provide a platform for collaborative storytelling projects. 

Picture credits: This miniature bed is taken from the attic servants’ bedroom of the dolls’ house originally owned by Lady Anne Blackett. Copyright Museum of London

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