Future Vision Makers Lab for Media Innovators

A three-day story lab -CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?- helps screenwriters, games designers and XR-creators design plausible and thrilling post-COVID future scenarios as the basis for new media projects.

Movies, drama series, games and XR experiences are trailbreakers for a better future. They can help experience fictional yet realistic future visions early on and inspire to actively create change.

CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW? is an initiative of the Bavarian Film Center and takes place in Munich, Germany (and online if not otherwise possible).

Day one – „Future“ – is focused on the emotional and intellectual experience of the present moment and the challenges ahead. An exploration of trend-scouting tools, futures-thinking methods and exercises from the deep ecology movement. Day two – „Vision” – is dedicated to the development of future scenarios. A combination of key technological, political or societal trends with major human themes, in order to invent inspiring narratives. On day three – „Makers” – the participants and their projects take central stage. A dive deep into themes and storytelling, while also defining goals and impact strategies. The lab closes with a project pitch.

Find more information and apply here (before July 31st 2020).

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