Future for Religious Heritage (FRH)

FRH the only organisation of its kind, is a not for profit, non-religious organisation open to all that brings together those who work to protect religious heritage across Europe. FRH members include NGOs, charities, government, religious and university departments.



  • Places of worship, regardless of their religion and country, are showing their solidarity in various ways, with many churches ringing their bells as a spontaneous message of hope. FRH is showcasing and promoting such actions via the “Ringing the Bells” initiative .
  • FRH also launched a survey on the ‘Impact of Covid-19 on religious heritage organisations’ which will allow to assess how organisations are affected by the current crisis and what support they will need moving forward.
  • FRH also initiated a series of interviews of members of our network titled ‘FRH Conversations’ allowing our members to share their perspectives on the current situation, creative ways on how they are dealing with challenges, as well as sharing a message of hope.





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