Free Stages: The Unseen Future of Theatre

A workshop/seminar exploring the future of theatre production in the wake of a pandemic year.

On three Sundays in April, Scott Sharplin will host Zoom-based workshop/seminars exploring the post-pandemic future of live theatre.

“Free Stages: The Unseen Future of Theatre” is a three-hour event for playwrights, directors, designers, and other theatre practitioners. On Zoom, groups of 12 will discuss how to adapt to post-COVID practices, with questions about aesthetics, audience dynamics, and delivery methods. Transcripts of the conversations will be available.

Scott Sharplin is a Canadian playwright, director, and theatre educator based in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. His thirty years of experience includes Fringe festivals, community theatres, professional and semi-professional companies, play development centres, applied theatre, and post-secondary teaching. In Sep. 2020, Scott also had a taste of online theatre when he curated Paths Less Traveled, a verbatim theatre project delivered through Zoom. Since then, he has been pondering how our collective experience of “pandemic culture” will affect our industry’s writing, producing, and spectating.

The seminars are made possible by Cape Breton Partnership’s Creative Sector Education Project, an initiative developed in partnership with creative sector organizations in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

You can register here.

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