FERA Statement “Love in the Time of Corona”

FERA Statement - “Love in the Time of Corona”: Developing Health and Safety Guidelines on Set, a Directors' Perspective

For decades screen directors have been shooting dangerous stunts. Safely. As we restart production in the shadow of lethal Covid-19, every scene is going to be the equivalent of a stunt scene. Emerging safe-shooting guidelines are built on industry-wide expertise in previous hazardous environments, and screen directors will embrace them. In the past a combination of the director’s creative thinking, combined with low and high cunning, could sometimes allow a stunt scene to be shot as quickly as a “normal” scene. But usually stunt scenes take longer and demand more resources.

In the new normal of Covid-19 this very expensive situation is likely to be the default. When the most chaste kiss can kill, it is needed to work closely with writers to creatively rethink the stories that can be told  with the resources available. It will be needed to rethink intimacy in drama as much as proximity on set.

Read the full statement here. Read in Cineuropa.

Image ©: Sir Alan Parker


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